Beloved Horse Refurbishment & Restoration

Whether it is a horse that has been in the garage for many years, belonged to your grandmother, was made by an uncle or purchased at a car boot sale, a beautiful restoration or refurbishment, carefully carried out, will have you amazed that you owned such a wonderful heirloom.

Click here for a link to our You Tube slide show of a restorations of a rocking horses:

Bow Rocker Restoration

Leeway Restoration

Baby Carriage Restoration

Collinson Restoration

You can chose the type of paintwork and accessories for your restored horse, as if purchasing new. You may even wish to have it restored to it\'s original paintwork or finish.

We cansupply a step by step photographic record of the restoration on DVD with background music for 15.00.

Prices vary from horse to horse depending upon the magnitude of the restoration. We would normally quote after seeing photographs of the horse, but we would prefer to inspect them personally so that joints etc., can be checked.


Beautiful wooden rocking horses hand carved in our studio in Torquay.  Tel:  07815 583559

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